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Feature & Short Films

Sydney is working with some fantastic up and coming as well as established film directors on both feature length and short films.

Below shows some example of Sydney's recent projects.

The Bloodstained Death of Innocence

The Bloodstained Death of Innocence - Directed by Scott Lyus

Blueberry Pancakes & Blank Pages

Blueberry Pancakes & Blank Pages - Double J Productions


Arcade - Directed by Ruari Chambers

Pet Name

Pet Name - Directed by Dan Boaden

Big Cat

Big Cat - Directed by Mike Gilbert

A Wild Life

A Wild Life - Directed by Marie Andrée-Lemaire


Blabbermouth - Directed by Jamie Luke Milligan


Mamu - Directed by Aephie Chen

The Deal

The Deal - Directed by Ed Palmer

A Plus

A Plus - Directed by Michael Spencer


Grim - Directed by Grace Alwyn Ashworth

Forever Flowers

Forever Flowers - Directed by Jo Solomon


Encore - Directed by Archie Rowell

Sugar Babies

Sugar Babies - Directed by Harry Shaw

Missile From the East

Missile From the East - HLA (As associate)

Hard To Reach

Hard To Reach - Directed by Darryl Foster

Salt Water Town

Salt Water Town - Directed by Dan Thorburn

All Those Things

All Those Things - Directed by George Ravenscroft

What Would Julie Do?

What Would Julie Do? - Directed by Grace Alwyn-Ashworth


SHE - Directed by Idris Fassasi

Find The Light

Find the Light - Directed by Abdullah Khan

Tow Truck

Tow Truck - Directed by Kieran Stringfellow


Sydney has worked on several television projects in the role of Casting Associate to Sasha Robertson. Please see below for a few examples.

Hotel Portofino

Hotel Portofino - Series 2 - ITV

Ancient Empires

Ancient Empires - History Channel


FDR - History Channel

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt - History Channel

Oasis Knebworth 1996

Oasis Knebworth 1996 - Dir. Jake Scott

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